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  • We believe the liberal woke cancel culture has gone too far and is destroying the fabric of American culture.

  • We believe in personal freedom... to let people be whomever they want to be and love whomever they want to love, so long as they don't shove their beliefs down our throats.

  • We believe children should be educated, not indoctrinated.  

  • We believe ALL lives matter.

  • We believe in law & order, and as such, we back our police.

  • We believe in the US Constitution.

  • We believe in free speech.

  • We believe in the right to bear arms.

  • We believe facts don't care about feelings. 

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Our clothing line is for true red blooded, patriotic, unapologetic Americans who have had enough of the liberal woke cancel culture.
All shirts are private labeled Bella+Canvas premium shirts.
All our shirts are made, designed, and produced 100% in the USA.
Wear them with pride.  

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